La La Land

Hello world, I am sorry it has been a while since I last wrote a blog post of film: I have been so ill for the past two weeks, I haven’t had a chance to write about anything and I have been resting and just doing work but I am back now and ready to continue writing about the films I love. Still sticking to the month of current favourite’s I’ve decided to talk about a film I watched yesterday with my friend and absolutely loved and that is La La Land. Age Rating: PG – 12A.


The film was released on the 12th January in England and December 9th in the United States and there are so many positive reviews some saying it’s ‘Casablanca for the new generation’ or others ‘La La Land breathes new life into a bygone genre with thrilling assured direction, powerful performances and an irresistible excess of heart’ and I totally agree with the people who absolutely love it because it’s so good.

The story begins with Mia practicing her lines for an audition in her car with traffic ahead of her on a motorway. When looking at her script the traffic clears in front of her and people start honking their horns and she looks in her central mirror (I’m guessing that’s what it’s called) and sees a guy looking at her in disapproval and swerves around her – the audience or Mia do not know he’s called but to save the trouble he’s called Sebastian. She then meets him again at a summer party where he is the Keyboardist in a band and they start to get to know each other. They both fall in love by their love for music. Mia is an actress and Sebastian is a musician. The whole story shows their love pursuing their dream and the complications that come with it.


Because la la land is not based on a book, I do not really have an issue with the casting. Emma Stone, who has starred in The Help and also The Amazing Spider-Man’ is Mia and Ryan Gosling plays the role of Sebastian and he’s in The Notebook. This  isn’t the first time they are featuring in a film together for the third time. The first encounter in Crazy, Stupid, Love and the second in Gangster Squad – I think people really love the two of them working together. John Legend plays the role of Keith and I feel like those three are the most main characters you should know about.

The director of the film was Damien Chazelle and I personally have never seen any of the films he has directed but I am really keen to watch more of his work as this film was incredible. I might watch Whiplash as the reviews I have read on La La Land have mentioned Whiplash and then I realised Miles Teller is in it and he’s great so, if I do end up watching it I will let you know: sorry I have rambled but yeah Damien seems to have directed some great films and I should have watched more of his films sooner. Anyways rumours have been floating round saying he thought of the idea of La La Land in 2010 and couldn’t find a company willing to film his idea until Whiplash came out and then he finally did. It is believed that the films budget was $30 million and it made a huge amount of $130 million so it really was a success.



The film won 7 Golden Globe Awards including best actor went to Ryan Gosling and to fit perfectly best actress went to Emma Stone, the best director was Damien Chazelle who of course directed the film and the film won best picture of the year (musical or comedy). So the film was a great success when it came to awards and award season is coming up so I am sure more awards should be given to this film when they come around.


I have seen people saying the ending wasn’t what they hoped but I personally at first didn’t like it but coming to think of it I’m glad it wasn’t cliché and it was unpredicted so I liked it – however sad it may be.

Thank you very much for reading this blog post and my previous one. If you’ve already watched it leave a comment below on what you thought. For those who haven’t seen it, the trailer is linked below and I hope when asking people at the ticket desk you don’t burst into fits of laughter because you think you sound stupid because you sound like your getting a plane ticket to a place called La La Land – I think that was just my friend and I but anyways, have a lovely week and I will see you next week, bye.


La La Land – The Trailer























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